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Menu Items


Continental Breakfast

  ($9.95  per person,  min 15 people)    

An assortment of our hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels & our own wide variety of cream  cheese spreads, also includes pastry platter(danish and muffins) , coffee box, orange juice.


Hot Breakfast 

($10.95 per person, min 15 people)

Our delicious hot breakfast includes Scrambled eggs ,  bacon , sausage, and home-fries, coffee and Tropicana orange juice.

Addition of Pancakes or French Toast $2.99 per person extra.



Sandwich Platter

($10.95 per person, min 10 people)

An assortment of Boar’s Head cold cuts and our homemade

chicken and tuna salad prepared on Our hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels or Kaiser rolls can be substituted. includes potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, pickles and water or soda.


Mini Bagel Sandwich Platter

($4.99 per person,min 20 people)


Wrap Platter  

($11.95 per person, min 15 people)


Nova Lox Platter 

Our nova lox platter is an attractively decorated and ready to serve tray 

Small (1.5lbs) -   $64.99 

medium(2lbs)-   $79.99

large ( 2.5 lbs)-  $94.99


Garden Salad Tray

Fresh cut Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, Cucumber, Onions and Red bell peppers.

Includes 2  Dressings  

Small  -  $25.99

Large  -  $49.99


Deluxe Fruit Salad​

Mixture of Melons,Honeydews,Pineapples and Strawberries

Small -    $49.99

Medium- $64.99

Large  -    $79.99


Pastries Platter

Mixture of Croissants,Danishes and Muffins

Small -    $49.99 (15-20 people)

Medium- $65.99 (25-30 people)

Large  -   $89.99 (35-40 people)


Gourmet Cookie Platter

Mixture of Italian cookies decorated with rainbow cookies

Small -    $34.99 (10-15 people)

Medium- $39.99 (15-20 people)

Large  -   $59.99 (20-25  people)


Bagel Wheel




(grilled chicken or chicken cutlet,fresh mozz & roasted peppers)

Includes 1lb free salad per foot


Let us know 2 days in advance for the order.


Heros By The Foot



Veggie Delight...$18.99

Eggplant Hero....$18.99


(grilled chicken or chicken cutlet,fresh mozz & roasted peppers)

Includes 1lb free salad per foot


Let us know 2 days in advance for the order.


Antipasto Platter

Juicy roasted Peppers, Marinated Olives, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Cubed Provolone and Mozzarella Bococcini Salad, Sweet Sopressata and Dried Pepperoni.

Small    -   $79.99  (10-12 people)

Large   -    $89.99  (15-20 people)


Caprese Salad

Beautiful Layers of Thinly Sliced Mozzarella Cheese, Tomatoes and Freshly Basil Leaves, and Drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Small    -    $59.99

Large    -    $79.99 


Garden Fresh Vegetable Platter

Beautifully Arranged Fresh Cut Vegetables that Include Broccoli, Celery, Cucumber, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cherry Tomatoes and Zucchini Sticks. Served with Our Savory Vegetable Dip.

Small    -     $49.99

Large    -    $69.99


Finger Licking Wings Platter

Savory Seasoned and Fried Chicken Wings With Your Choice of Honey BBQ, BBQ or Buffalo Sauce. 

Small   -   $69.99  (10 to 12 people)

Large   -  $89.99  (15 to 20 people)


Grilled Chicken Ceaser Salad 

Combine lettuce and croutons in a large bowl. Toss with Caesar Salad Dressing 

Small   -   $44.99 (10-12 people)

Large   -   $64.99 (15-20 people)

Our delectable options will be sure to please your friends, guests or co-workers.  

Prices include complete paper setup. Minimum order applies. Delivery fee apply. 

NY Sales Tax not included in above prices.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Please place your order in 2 days in advance.

Last minute orders will be charged $20 extra.

For further catering inquiries or to place an order please call us at 718-332-1906 or email us at

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